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Msgdroid helps you auto-respond to your missed-call or un-received call through Text Msg via various medium. Apart from default Text Msg, you can also configure different Text Msg for different contacts. One can choose from 3 ways to send text notification to your selected miss-callers.

3 Ways of Responding

Traditional SMS, MsgDroid SMS & APP Msg.

Multiple Modes

Personalize Modes as per your requirements.

MsgDroid SMS

Cheaper SMS charges compared to most service providers.*

GPS Location

Area Name based on your GPS Location is included in your Msg.

Active Mode Timer

Turns off your mode automatically after specified time.

Counter Msg

Single Reply to Auto-Received Msg.


The Intergalactic Math Elemental Drift

Mission T.I.M.E.D. is about exploring and crossing 1 Light Year Mark with the help of various elements, math and most importantly your decision power & reflexes. Use various power blocks to manoeuvre your character and reach farther in the TIMED Game Universe. Solve simple Math equations or directly collect life numbers to increase your life points in order to survive in the game longer which will take you farther in the game.

60 Different Characters

10 characters each from 6 Elemental Packs. Choose your character wisely.

6 Different Gems

Gems from all the 5 elements unite to form 1 Universal gem. Universal gem grants you life to replay the game.


Challenge yourself to accomplish few milestones to get Universal gems in reward.

Operators Blocks

Simple mathematical operators(+,-,/,*) can increase your life points if used wisely.

Power Blocks

They help you to gain different abilities & advantages in the game but be careful as not all power blocks are your friends.

Number Blocks

Number Blocks increase your life points and also help you form an equation which can grant you, even more, life points if used smartly.
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